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Learn the principles of Healthy Relationships

One of the principles discussed in our Healthy Relationships course is recognising characteristics of our current or future partners.  Also, we will look at our own characters and assessing any need to change. The group makes its own guidelines for sharing and for confidentiality. This course will help you to restructure your approach to relationships. …
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Good boundaries help us to live well

So often in life we find it hard to set boundaries for both ourselves and others in our lives.  If we pulled to and fro on someone else’s agenda that is not healthy, so being clear about making our own boundaries is really important. In previous courses the participants spoke of the value of learning…
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Processing grief in a small group

Processing grief can take some time and a little help along the way may be just what you need.  Have you lost a loved one and feel that it would be helpful to take some time to process it further? Our grief group is led by trained counsellors who encourage the group to share their…
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Money Week – Weathering Life’s Storms

Each year the Commission for Financial Capability holds Money Week, encouraging ALL New Zealanders to think about their financial position and what plans they have for the future. This year the Care Centre has created a montage showing Life’s storms and offering suggestions for the future. We also invite visitors to offer their own suggestions…
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Money Mates Workshops at Anglican Care

Would you like to explore some ways of managing your money? Consider joining a free Money Mates workshop at the Anglican Care Centre, Whangarei. Everyone is welcome. Discussions on managing money and planning for your future for two hours per week over six weeks. Prepare a Financial Plan of Action and share tried and tested…
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